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Enter the world of Sothys.

A French, family-run business since 1966, Sothys has passed down a tradition of unreserved luxury from generation to generation.

The Mas family originated from the region of Corrèze where today you will still find their Scientific Research and Production units, alongside Sothys organic gardens.

The Sothys Rose, specially created in honour of its founder, Mr. Bernard Mas, became the unparalleled source of inspiration for a unique cream: La Crème Secrets is made from Sothys rose stem cells.

A prestige brand in the beauty industry.

Innovation and extensive research are at the heart of any Sothys skin care and body care rituals, which has provided the brand with a well established presence within the global beauty industry. Sothys skin care has held a passion for perfection in beauty and well-being for women and men.

All Sothys products represent a harmony of nature and science to make natural active ingredients perform at the most potent and effective.

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel

Discover the benefits of Bio Sculpture Gel
the original soak-off gel.

Beautiful nails with benefits:

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nails by a qualified nail technician, the flexible coating moves with the nails, protecting then whilst allowing them to grow without breaking

Evo 2

Bio Sculpture Gel

The healthy bottle-and-brush gel system by Bio Sculpture:

Evo is infused with vitamins A & E which will continue to migrate to the nail plate, even after curing for a treatment that lasts 2 weeks*

Fully compatible with the Bio Sculpture Gel nail system, Evo is specially designed for professionals and formulated to keep the natural nail healthy

Taking care of you, our valued client

Bio Sculpture Gel is not tested on animals and does not contain animal by-products. It is safety tested to a five star rating.

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